A third Whataburger location is officially open in Tuscaloosa after a celebration on Monday.

The first 100 guests at the new location were given a goody bag with a Whataburger-branded reusable water bottle, sun glasses, stickers and food vouchers.

J. R. Moore | Townsquare Media
J. R. Moore | Townsquare Media

New Whataburger in Tuscaloosa

The new store, located on the Tuscaloosa Strip at 1130 University Boulevard, will also be open 24 hours.

At this location, hungry patrons can order via one of the multiple touchscreen kiosks, within the the Whataburger app or in person. Once the order is in and completed, kitchen staff places the food in specialized lockers that preserve food temperature and illuminate with a green light to signal it's ready for pickup.

Indoor seating in the sole dining room is limited, but the new location also allowed an area for patrons to eat outside as well.

The brand-standard orange accents will be staying inside, however, as previous Thread reporting shows the Texas-based chain agreed with the University of Alabama to only use all-white outdoor signage.

If you missed the festivities, feel free to check out some of our inside photos below.

Whataburger Opens on Tuscaloosa Strip

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