With so many instantaneous forms of communication today, our impatience with hearing a reply from others is sometimes laughable. Someone I know sent an e-mail to his wife and then he called her by cell phone because he could not wait for a reply!

Sometimes we feel that God has let us down because He does not provide an immediate answer to a prayer. Often our attitude becomes, "Answer me speedily, O Lord; my spirit fails!" (Psalms 143:7).

However, waiting for the Lord can transform us into a people of growing faith. King David spent many years waiting to crowned king and fleeing from Saul's wrath. (Psalm 27:14).


When we become frustrated with God's apparent delay in answering our prayer, it is good to remember that He is interested in developing faith and perseverance in our character (James 1: 2-4). God stretches our patience to enlarge our soul.