Praise 93.3. & 790 WTSK presents our Tuscaloosa Pastor of the Week Elder Terry Ball, senior pastor of Washington Temple Church of God In Christ in Ralph, Alabama.

In the realm of ministry, Pastor Terry Ball is a figure known by many titles – Pastor, Evangelist, Revivalist, to name a few. With unwavering dedication, Pastor Ball has preached the gospel for over 42 years, serving as a Pastor for 38 of those years, even juggling the responsibility of overseeing two churches simultaneously at one point. His fervent delivery of the Word of God has earned him the affectionate nickname "FYE BALL," a testament to the fiery passion he brings to his preaching.

As an Evangelist, Pastor Ball has held the position of President of the Evangelism Department for the Alabama Jurisdiction 1 for an impressive 27 years. Additionally, he serves as the State Adjutant and the District Expeditor for the Buron Bobo District of the Church of God In Christ, demonstrating his commitment to spreading the gospel far and wide.

However, Pastor Ball's talents extend beyond the pulpit. He's lent his voice to the airwaves as a gospel announcer for two radio stations, WNPT 102.9 FM in Northport, AL, and WVFG 107.3 in Uniontown, AL. During his time on the radio, he played a pivotal role in leading listeners to Christ, encouraging daily bible reading and prayer, earning him the moniker "Voice of the Black Belt." Not content with being just a voice, Pastor Ball also hosted a local television program called "Inside Gospel Music," showcasing various genres of Gospel music to the community.

Continuing his commitment to spreading the gospel, Pastor Ball hosts a weekly radio broadcast every Sunday morning on WTSK 790 AM and 93.3 FM in Tuscaloosa, AL, as well as online via Praise 93.3 FM LIVE, ensuring that his message reaches both local and global audiences.

Beyond his ministry work, Pastor Ball finds joy and fulfillment in his family life. Married to his beloved wife, Annette Ball, for 45 years and counting, they are the proud parents of four adult children, following the motto "Four and no more!" Additionally, he cherishes his role as "Pawpaw" to two lively grandchildren.

Reflecting on his journey with the Lord, Pastor Ball acknowledges the challenges he's faced but finds solace in the souls he's led to the Kingdom. With a heart set on hearing the words "Well done" from the Lord, he remains steadfast in his labor for the Kingdom, knowing that there is much work yet to be done.

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