This tick thing is out of control.

Just recently we had news of the deer tick causing people to get seriously ill.

Now, comes word from the CDC about the INVASIVE Asian long-horned tick.

The tick has horns. HORNS!

That should not ever happen.

Nature gone wild.

These ticks, with their horns and all, have three things that are disturbing.

According to the CDC:

  • Asian long-horned ticks have been found on pets, livestock, wildlife, and people.
  • The female ticks can lay eggs and reproduce without mating.
  • Thousands of ticks may be found at a time in grass or shrubs or on an animal.

OK, let's break those down for a moment.

The female can mate WITHOUT A PARTNER?

I knew these ticks were evil but this is ridiculous.

Mating all by itself with no assistance from a male. This is just the beginning.

Now, most importantly the CDC reports this:

In other countries, germs spread via bites from these ticks can make people and animals seriously ill.

Animals and humans are bitten by these horrible invasive and at that point can become very, very sick.

In fact, the CDC also adds this note:

  • With ongoing testing of ticks collected in the United States, it is likely that some ticks will be found to contain germs that can be harmful to people. However, we do not yet know if and how often these ticks are able to pass these germs along to people and make them ill. 

These Asian horned freak ticks have been found all around us in Alabama.

Already cases in Georgia, Arkansas, and Florida have been documented in 2023.

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